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HDI PCBs for Medical Electronic Devices


Today, more than ever, electronics engineers have a reason to use HDI PCBs. Over the past few decades, PCBs have tended to become smaller and smaller in size, which has shown to be a clear advantage in the medical industry. As technology continues to iterate, so do the needs of the medical industry, and the following will demonstrate the usefulness of HDI in the medical industry.

What is HDI PCB?

It is worth noting that HDI PCBs, with their advanced technology, are able to integrate a large amount of internal wiring. Thus, making them more compact. HDI technology reduces size without sacrificing performance and is widely used in precision instruments.

Technologies required for HDI PCBs.

Stacked micro via

Interleaved micro via

Continuous lamination

Buried vias

Plated through-hole

Laser drilling, etc.

Why are HDI PCBs important for medical technology?

Medical device PCB manufacturers have high requirements and HDI technology is the best technology available for production today. Medical devices involve a lot of precision design and high-speed transmission in HDI PCBs. HDI PCBs is ideal for medical devices, such as pacemakers that require small size and light weight where the response time of the device can be the difference between life and death. After all, medical care is about speed with life.

HDI PCBs are more challenging to design and manufacture, and more costly. For smaller boards and the need for better performance, designers need to fit more components in less space.

Limitations of HDI PCBs

Every technology has its limitations, and HDI PCB technology is no exception. For most medical device manufacturers, however, the biggest limiting factor for HDI technology is its manufacturing cost.

HDI PCBs are rapidly evolving and require specialized knowledge and advanced equipment to manufacture. It is no less difficult to manufacture due to their sophisticated design, requiring more time to build each board.

HDI manufacturing requires more care than standard PCBs, and choosing the right HDI board with the reliable manufacturing partner can give you a more efficient, higher quality board.

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