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Electronic Components Sourcing

Electronic Components Sourcing

Electronic components are an integral part of electronic components and small machines and instruments, and are often composed of several parts.

Electronic components include: IC, LEDs, Connector, Digital Display, Capacitor or Resistor etc.

The history of the development of electronic components is actually a history of concentrated electronic development. It is the fastest growing and most widely used. Due to the needs of social development, electronic devices have become more and more complex, which requires electronic devices to have reliability, fast, low power consumption, lightweight, miniaturization, and low cost.

We are able to provide very competitive electronic components procurement in China, through many years of development, has developed a very strong relationship with most of the global distributors, which enables us to go through a strict procurement process to purchase essential quality parts from local suppliers, authorized suppliers and manufacturers.

Our component engineers are also very professional and experienced, that’s enabled us to source the components not only about required parts but also sourcing those which are suitable for satisfying customers’ requirements.Electronic components procurement is not exclusively about getting the best possible price, but also sourcing high-quality components.

If you want to do any PCBA projects with components,you should provide the correct Bom list,with detailed information of items:model number, package, description and quantity etc,and the bom list would be better in excel format,for more information,you can contact us at email of Sales@kingpcb.com

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