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Automated AOI Inspection

Automated AOI Inspection

The full name of AOI is Automated Optical Inspection,is based on the optical principle of testing the assembled PCB equipment.AOI is a new emerging testing technology, but the rapid development, many manufacturers have launched AOI testing equipment.

When automatic testing, the machine will scan PCB automatically through the camera, collect images, and compare the tested solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database. Afterimage processing, the defects on PCB will be detected, and the defects will be displayed/marked by the display or automatic mark for maintenance personnel to repair.

High speed and high precision visual processing technology is used to automatically detect various mounting errors and welding defects on PCB board.PCB boards range from fine-spaced high-density boards to low-density large-size boards and can provide online testing solutions to improve production efficiency and welding quality. Good process control is achieved by using AOI as a defect reduction tool to find and eliminate errors early in the assembly process.

AOI testing works perfectly not only for PCB board,but also for PCB Assembly.For PCB,to check whether if open circuit,for PCB Assembly,to inspect every component soldering,similar is a one more process to ensure the quality of PCB boards or PCB Assembly.

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