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Multilayer PCB

Any circuit board that is more than or equal to 2 layers can be called multi-layer circuit board,such as 4 layers,6 layers or 8 layers etc pcb board,Multi-layer circuit board can be divided into,multi-layer rigid circuit board,multi-layer flexible circuit board,multi-layer flex-rigid circuit board.

Double sided PCB,that is a dielectric layer in the middle of the layer,and both sides are trace layers,but the Multilayer pcb board is multi-layer trace,and a dielectric layer between each two layers,and the dielectric layer can be made very thin.

Multilayer PCB boards are manufactured by stacking two or more circuits on each other with reliable pre-set interconnections, the production method is generally made by the inner layer pattern first, and then made into a single or double-sided substrate by a printing etching method, which is incorporated into the specified layer, and then heated, pressed and bonded, the subsequent drilling is the same as the plated through-hole method for the double layers PCB.

In principle, the multi-layer circuit board can be made as many layers as possible, as long as the equipment capacity can be achieved, but in fact, the most common Multilayer PCB is 4-10 layers, special PCB can be more than 100 layers, but this is not suitable for mass production, the common prototype or mass production multilayer PCB is 4~10 layers PCB.

Due to the increase of circuit package density, leads to a high concentration of interconnect lines,which makes the use of Multi-layer PCB become necessary.

Multilayer printed circuit is the product of electronic technology developing towards high speed, multi-function, large capacity, and small volume, with the continuous development of electronic technology, especially the extensive and in-depth application of large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, multi-layer printed circuits are rapidly developing into high-density, high-precision, high-level digitalization, with fine lines and small apertures, blind hole buried holes, and other technologies to meet the needs of the market.

Advantages of multilayer circuit board: high assembly density, small volume, lightweight due to high assembly density, the connection between each component (including components) reduced, so as to improve the reliability, the number of wiring layers can be increased, thereby increasing design flexibility, it can form a circuit with a certain impedance and a high-speed transmission circuit, it is easy to install and has high reliability.

PCB industry prospects:the market for PCB circuit board is constantly evolving.First, the market space for the application of the PCB circuit board continues to expand, with the improvement of application in the communication industry, as a result, the market of high-end multi-layer PCB circuit boards grows rapidly. On the other hand, due to the fierce competition in PCB industry, some large PCB manufacturers like us actively develop new technologies, increased the number of PCB layers or promoted the marketization process of FPC with high technical requirements to meet the changing market demand.

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