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BGA Assembly

The full name of BGA is Ball Grid Array, it is to make an array soldering ball at the bottom of the package substrate as the I/O end of the circuit and interconnect with a printed circuit board (PCB), The device packaged with this technology is a surface mount device.

In today’s information age, with the rapid development of the electronics industry, products such as computers and mobile phones are becoming more and more popular. People have more and more functional requirements for electronic products, and their performance requirements are getting stronger and stronger, while the volume requirements are getting smaller and smaller, and the weight requirements are getting lighter.

This has led to the development of electronic products in the direction of versatility, high performance, miniaturization and lightweight. In order to achieve this goal, the feature size of the IC chips is getting smaller and smaller, and the complexity is increasing. Therefore, the number of I/Os of circuits will increase, and the I/O density of packages will increase. In order to meet this development requirement, some advanced high-density packaging technologies have emerged, and BGA packaging technology is one of them.

Advantages of BGA package:good thermal matching with PCB board, high reliability, higher package density, good heat dissipation performance.

With the development of electronic technology, electronic components are moving toward miniaturization and high-density integration. BGA components have been more and more widely applied to SMT assembly technology.

BGA as a “universal chip”,is widely used in the electronics industry.

BGA preservation and use:the BGA component is a highly temperature-sensitive component, so the BGA must be stored under constant temperature and dry conditions.The operator should strictly follow the operating process and avoid the components being affected before assembly. In the BGA assembly process, each step very important: solder paste printing, SMT processing device placement, reflow soldering, preheating phase, infiltration phase, reflow phase, cooling phase, etc.

When mounting the BGA or BGA Assembly,should pay attention to the following points:

1.the correct laser stencil thickness
2.the solder paste is selected correctly and maintains good fluidity
3.printing point alignment, no collapse, no bridge, uniform thickness
4.inspection is necessary
5.the position is correct and there is no offset
6.the temperature of the reflow oven is reasonable, no vibration transmission
7.after the PCBA out of the oven,put for a few minutes to cool down and reduce deformation
8.during the process, no fingerprints are allowed on the PCB to keep the PCB clean,of course, anti-static is also necessary,in this way, the PCBA produced can ensure the quality.

In short, BGA Assembly must maintain the welding surface level, the level of consistency.

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