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KingPCB is a World’s biggest PCB Assembly Manufacturer, we provides full PCB Assembly services,get a quotation,you can send your PCB Gerber file and Bom list to Sales@kingpcb.com


PCB Assembly Manufacturer


PCB Assembly service,also called PCBA,that is not just service for manufacturing pcb,but also sourcing components and assembling.

About pcb:


For manufacturing pcb,should provide the pcb design file,generally,there are two file format commonly used,one is pcb file in .pcb format,another is pcb gerber file in RS-274-X format. We offer advanced PCB service with fair price and good quality consistently,no matter FR4 material pcb,Aluminum material pcb or other material pcb,no matter green solder mask color pcb,white solder mask color pcb or black solder mask color pcb,no matter single layer pcb,double sided pcb or multi-layer pcb,no matter simple pcb or complex pcb,such as HDI,Rigid-flex pcb or other special pcb,can meet your different needs.

About components:


As you know, that will take a lot of work and time to check every component, so in order to provide service to you more efficiently, that would be better to provide a bom list within excel format, and including quantity, location, model number, value, and description, etc for every each component, we have many years experience and stable relationships with electronic components suppliers, not only can get real and quality parts, and also the procurement of the components are very advantages, our component departments are also very professional and experienced, to choose readily available and competitive price components, this helps our customers to win more markets.


About assembly:


Generally including SMT assembly, through-hole assembly, and wires assembly, etc, you should provide pick and place file, to show every component where you want to assemble, as you know, there are many types of components, so in assembly processes, in order to reduce the risk of wrong parts, and effectively improve the quality of the entire production, we do first piece mechanism to ensure that the components are mounted incorrect placement, and use state-of-the-art equipment’s to ensure to provide you with reliable and quality PCB Assembly.


Our quantity option are very flexible:prototype,small quantity or large quantity,you can choose any kind of you want to do,no matter your orders are small or large,we will try our best to cooperate and support for you as always we do. We assure you that you have never been to such PCB Manufacturing Services before.


Before any PCBA or PCB Assembly production,our professional and experienced engineering team will freely check and seriously evaluate all your files firstly whether are suit for production or whether is any engineering question,to ensure your design and provide you perfect PCBA. 


PCB Assembly Manufacturer


We are ready at any time for you,if you have any PCBA or PCB Assembly projects need us cooperate or support for you,welcome to contact us or email us at Sales@kingpcb.com,when you send inquiry,please provide with your PCB gerber file and Bom list,PCB gerber file is the file for making pcb,the Bom list is for every detailed components you use.

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