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Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCB

In printed circuit board industry, there is no clear definition of Heavy Copper PCB,generally speaking, the pcb with copper thickness ≥2oz is called Heavy Copper PCB.

The copper thickness of PCB board is calculated by oz, which is short for unit ounce. The thickness of 1oz copper foil is about 35um.

Heavy Copper PCB typically bond a layer of copper foil to a glass epoxy substrate,and the thickness of the copper foil is typically 18 μm, 35 μm, 55 μm, and 70 μm,The most common copper foil thickness is 35 μm.

Most circuit boards use 35um copper foil thickness, which depends on PCB usage and signal voltage and current.For PCBs that are subject to excessive current, some will use 70um copper thickness, 105um copper thickness, and 140um copper thickness will be rarely used.

The copper of the circuit board is not as thick as possible, all the data need to be made according to the requirements of the customers.

The main purpose of thickening copper is to ensure that there is enough thick copper coating, to ensure the resistance value within the range of technological requirements, can conduct higher current, achieve good heat distribution, fixed position and ensure the connection strength.

With the rapid development of the telecommunications and electronics industries, Thick Copper PCB have gradually become a special PCB with market prospects and are widely used.

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