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MCPCB manufacturer: A comprehensive Guide   MCPCB manufacturers understands Printed Circuit Boards are an imperative part of modern electronics. They know that they are widely used in every aspect of technology today. The huge success of these circuit boards allowed the manufacturer to develop better and refined PCBs. Today, we have several different types of […]

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Flexible PCB Manufacturer via Aluminum PCB Manufacturer

What is the Difference between Flexible PCB Manufacturer and Aluminum PCB Manufacturer? The evolution of technology has allowed the PCB manufacturers to come up with a wide variety of Printed Circuit boards. They have altered the standard PCB into finer and better circuits in order to meet the needs of today’s consumer.  Instead of relying […]

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PCB Manufacturer:  A Step by Step Guide

PCB Manufacturer: Excellent Guide on Printed Circuit Boards  PCB is being a fundamental part of all the computational electronics and it requires indebt analysis, yet, PCB Manufacturer simply assumes that everyone is familiar with this key concept. Thus, they do not shed light on its effectiveness and importance. To ensure that you make the right […]

What documents should be provided for PCBA quotation?

What documents should be provided for PCBA quotation? The information to be provided for PCBA processing is gerber file (production data Of PCB board) and bom list (material list or component list).The English name is Bill Of Material. It should be noted that the list of components should be as clear and detailed as possible, […]

What is the meaning of Multi-layer in PCB Board?

A PCB board is a printed circuit board. A multilayer PCB is also a multilayer circuit board, also called a multi-substrate board. The increased density of integrated circuit packages leads to a high concentration of interconnections, which makes the use of multisubstrate necessary.Unexpected design problems such as noise, stray capacitance, crosstalk, etc. have arisen in […]

PCBA Production Process and Equipment Introduction

1. solder paste printing machine Modern solder paste printing machines are generally composed of plates, tin paste, embossing, and transmission boards. Its working principle is: firstly, the circuit board to be printed is fixed on the printing positioning table, and then the solder paste or the red glue is printed on the corresponding pad through […]

In the PCBA processing, how does the program “burn” into the IC chip?

In PCBA processing, in order to achieve the expected specific functions of the board, in addition to hardware, software support is required. If you have software, you need to add the “burn” program in the PCBA processing process – “handle” the program into the IC. Definitions: The process of “handling” the program into the internal […]

SMT Manufacturing Process – First Piece Mechanism

In the SMT production process, there is a common error-proofing method, which can reduce the risk of wrong parts, reduce the probability of errors, and effectively improve the quality of the entire production. This is the first mechanism. The so-called first piece mechanism is to make a sample before the official production. This board will […]

SMT Production Process for Electronic Circuit Board

With the development of miniaturization and thinning of electronic products, many pcb circuit boards in electronic products are now using SMT manufacturing technology, namely surface mount technology, that is, all electronic components are welded on the surface of circuit boards.There is no need to insert it through the reserved holes in the circuit board and […]

Main characteristics and cost analysis of flexible circuit boards

1. Flexibility and reliability of flexible circuits At present, there are four kinds of flexible circuits: single side, double side, multilayer flexible board and rigid flexible board. (1) Single-sided flexible board is the lowest cost, when the electrical performance requirements are not high PCB.Single – sided flexible board should be used for single – sided […]