PCBA Production Process and Equipment Introduction

1. solder paste printing machine
Modern solder paste printing machines are generally composed of plates, tin paste, embossing, and transmission boards. Its working principle is: firstly, the circuit board to be printed is fixed on the printing positioning table, and then the solder paste or the red glue is printed on the corresponding pad through the steel mesh by the left and right scrapers of the printing machine, and the PCB which is uniformly printed is passed through. The transfer station is input to the placement machine for automatic placement.

2. placement machine
Mounter: Also known as “mounting machine” or “Surface Mount System”, in the production line, it is placed behind the solder paste printer, and the surface mount components are accurately placed by moving the head. Place a device on the PCB pad. Divided into manual and fully automatic.

3. reflow soldering
Inside the reflow soldering there is a heating circuit that heats the air or nitrogen to a sufficiently high temperature and blows it onto the board that has been attached to the component, allowing the solder on both sides of the component to melt and bond to the main PCB board. The advantage of this process is that the temperature is easy to control, oxidation is avoided during the welding process, and manufacturing costs are easier to control.

4. component shearing machine
Used to cut and deform pin components.

5. wave soldering
Wave soldering is to let the welding surface of the plug-in board directly contact with high temperature liquid tin to achieve the purpose of welding, its high temperature liquid tin maintains an inclined surface, and by a special device to make the liquid tin form a wave like phenomenon, so called “wave soldering”, its main material is solder bar.

6. tin furnace
In general, a tin furnace refers to a welding tool used in electronic welding. For the discrete component circuit board welding consistency, easy to operate, fast, high efficiency, is a good helper for the production and processing.

7. washing machine
Used to clean the PCBA board to remove residue from the soldered board.

8. AOI detector
The full name of AOI is automatic optical inspection, which is used to inspect welding defects.AOI is a new emerging testing technology, but the rapid development, many PCBA manufacturers have launched AOI testing equipment.When automatic testing, the machine will scan PCB automatically through the camera, collect images, and compare the tested solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database. After image processing, the defects on PCB will be checked, and the defects are displayed/marked through the display or automatic signs for maintenance personnel to repair.