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Everything You Need to Know about PCB Manufacturer in 2021


A Brief Guide about PCB Manufacturer – What is PCB Manufacturer?

In today’s Article, we are going to explain everything about PCB. Continue to read the complete Article; we will also reveal the name of world’s best PCB manufacturer. This Article is a full package because you will find everything at a single place.

There is lot of people who did not know about the full form of PCB because people commonly used to call it PCB but its full form is Printed Circuit Board. You got to hear its full form in very rare cases. Printed Circuit Board is an insulating material; it works as a backbone for all the electrical devices. In this advance era, you get to see all the electrical devices including Printed circuit board. They are made by utilizing nonconductive base board; manufacturers cut it to different dimensions and holes. There are many types of holes that can be used by PCB manufacturer according to their choices.

For example component holes, fasten holes, plated through holes etc. these types of holes plays an important role in making an interconnection b/w electronic components.

These days without Printed circuit board electronic devices are useless. There are two main purposes of PCB that you may have not known.

The very first purpose is to place to mount the component and second one plays an important role in creating electrical connection b/w electrical components.

These days technology has been very advanced so PCBs are made by using latest technology that prints the conducting layer in the form of micro circuit on main board. Because of this printing they are known as a printed circuit board.

When it comes to conductive layers they come into being by using copper thin foil. Aluminum PCB manufacturer, coat the board with solder mask in green color.Few of the PCB manufacturers also make use of blue and red one. In order to get the best results unwanted copper is removed from the substrate.

Aluminum PCB manufacturer

Pros of Printed Circuit Board that you may have not known

There is lot of advantages of PCB which makes them the best option for Aluminum PCB manufacturer in order tomake a good electrical device. In this advance era, almost 90% PCB manufacturer make use of PCB in electronic device in short electrical devices are useless without them.

Here we are going to explain advantages, have a look below.

Compact Size

In past, people make use of messy wires in order to create connection b/w components but these days because of PCB now interconnection are no more bulky.

In parts it was almost impossible to make connection of wires in small sizes components but now PCB has made this easier. Now you can easily create connection b/w small components.

In short we can say that PCB is a simple platform that allows the China PCB manufacturer to arrange components in a highly effective manner.

Easy to Repair and Maintain

Best thing about PCBs are that upon getting damage you can easily repair it. Besides repairing you can even replace the failure component.

Time saving

Those days are gone when you have to spend lot of time on messy wires. All those traditional methods requires lot of time in making interconnection b/w components whereas these days because of printed circuit board it has been very easier to make inter connection b/w components.

Immune to Movement

If you get a closer look on printed circuit board then you will get to know that all components on PCB are fixed just because of solder flux. It does not allow the components to make movement.

Strong Connection

If you make use of PCB then you can enjoy tight connections because usually China PCB manufacturer make use of copper tracks that make connection very tight and there is no possibility of short circuit at all.

Almost zero noise

PCB is getting famous day by day because it comes up with very low noise. But you have to make sure about laying down the PCB properly otherwise noise can affect the performance of circuit.

PCB usually releases noise in the form of heat, radiation and flickering sound.


Another plus point of utilizing PCB is that by spending a very lower price you can comes up with amazing results. You can get the mass production in very lesser price.


When it comes to PCB they are highly reliable and bring high reliability in the performance of circuit but conventional methods were not good and reliable. This is why PCB has been famous among all the industries. It is not only limited to electrical industry; its widespread has been very high.

So these were the main advantages of Printed Circuit Board. Because of these advantages it has becomes first priority of almost all flex PCB manufacturer.

Aswe all knows every tech comes up with advantages as well as with some disadvantages. Now we are going to put shed over the cons of PCBs that you may have not known before.

Cons of PCB – flex PCB manufacturer

As well knows that copper tracks can be very thin so there may be possibility that it carry lesser current so if you are going to make a device that you think will bear heavier load then don’t make use of PCB.

If you use the PCB in such appliances then there may be possibility of strips getting heat up and can create problems. So you have to do the soldering process very carefully in order to avoid the chances of strips being over heated.

These were the advantages and disadvantages of printed circuit board hope now things are pretty much clear for you. As we have already explained that this article is going to be a perfect guide so keep continuing and read more about PCB.

Types of PCB – PCB Manufacturer

Although there is lot of PCB type but in this Article we are going to explain the most appropriate one.

Single Layer PCB

As its names suggest, this type is also called as single sided PCB. This is one of the most simply most popular types of PCB. This type is very easy to design and produce, it is very simple because on one side PCB board manufacturer have to coat the board with conductive material like copper. Why to choose copper? Well! We all knows that when it comes to high conductive material then copper is one of the best element to be chosen.

After coating one side with copper layer now PCB board manufacturer have to apply a solder mask. This solder mask plays an important role in protecting PCB against oxidation.

In single sided PCB only one side is utilize in order to make interconnection b/w different components. These components can be resistor, capacitor and inductor etc.

PCB board manufacturer can make use of single sided PCBs for BULK manufacturing applications for example calculators, radio and printers.

Double Layer PCB

Second type of PCB is double layer PCB. It is also called as double sided PCB. In single sided flexible PCB manufacturer applied thecopper layer on just single side but in double layer the case is completely opposite flexible PCB manufacturer apply the copper layer on both side from top to bottom.

This type of PCB is more flexible and comes up with lesser cost. Best thing about this type is that it reduces the size and makes the circuit very compact. You will get to see its wide usage in controllers, convertors, UPS, Phones, Amplifiers and much more.

Multi-layer PCB

You can have an idea by its name that it has been composed of multi layers. In this case, flexible PCB manufacturer applied thecopper layer on multi sides. But in this type you have to apply the glue b/w the layers of insulations. Doing this will keep the circuit safe from overheating. If you did not follow this rule then there may be possibility of damaging components sooner.

Though this type has many advantages but we will recommend you to use it for handling heavy electrical tasks. You will get to see its wide usage in applications like GPS technology, satellite system and medical equipment.

Flexible PCB

This one is a 4rth type of PCB; it is also popular among PCB assembly manufacturer because of its unlimited advantages.

Flexible PCBs comes into being by utilizing plastic like material for example polymide and PEEK.

Well it is one of the most complex types of PCB because it contains all the layers like single double multi.  You will get to see its wide usage in Light emitting diode, LCD fabrication and flex solar cell. You will also get to see its wide usage in devices that are very complex for example laptops, PCs etc.

Rigid PCB

5th type of PCB is rigid PCB; this one is known as rigid because it is made by using solid material which doesn’t allow PCB to twist. Its layer configuration is as same flex PCB. Best part about this type is that after installation there will be no change in shape at all.

This is known as rigid because its shape cannot be bending according to base. PCB assembly manufacturer make use of it highly because of its durability. You can use this type in products like RAM, CPU, GPU etc.

This one is very complex especially the single sided rigid PCB is commonly used by PCB assembly manufacturer. Whereas when it comes to multi-layer rigid PCB then it can be very complexso PCB assembly manufacturer don’t prefer it more.

Flex Rigid PCB

This one comes into being by the combo of flex and rigid circuit. They contain multiple flexible PCB connected by rigid PCB. Flexi PCB manufacturer make use of these PCBcell phones, cameras and digital devices.

So these were the basic types of PCBs hope now things are clear for you. Continue to read the below content and knows about types of PCB according to Mounting system.

Types of PCB according to Mounting System

Through Hole PCB

This type of PCB comes into being by making holes with the help of drilling. On opposite side of PCB components are mounted to pads. We recommend this type highly because it comes up with lot of benefits; the very first benefit of this type is that it has capability to support the electrical components mechanically. Another plus point is that it is very reliable especially for mounting of components.

But it has one downside also; it is expensive as compared to other types especially drilling process makes it more expensive. if you make use of this type in single sided PCB then its implementation is quite easier but when it comes to double sided and multi sided then there might be possibility of difficulty in making holes so you can try it for single sided PCB without dealing any complications.

Surface Mounted PCB

Second type of PCB according to mounting system is surface mounted PCB. This one is more popular among Flexi PCB manufacturer as compared to Through hole PCB.

In this type components are small because of having zero leads on the components. But always keep in your mind that this tech needs mounting components on the surface of the board and Flexi PCB manufacturer don’t have to make holes on the board.

Both PCB types have its own advantages as well as disadvantages; you can choose the one according to your need.

Few Facts that you may have not known Before about PCB

These facts going to be very informative so give it a read and know about the fact that you may have not known before.

Why they are Green?

Few People mostly comes up with frequently asked question that why they are so green? So we are going to answer it here.

Green color is actually not a color that you see on the PCB; it is actually a solder mask. Here we are going to explain few theories regarding to its origin.

Few people come up with a saying that it was first used by military as a standard from there the use of green color became popular.

Few of the ones also comes up with a saying that green is the original solder mask resins color. in this advance era you can make use of any color for solder mask but green has proved itself a better and easy to find faults, this is the reason PCB manufacturer for hobbyist are still stick with it.

History of PCB – PCB manufacturer for hobbyist

PCB actually comes into being by Paul Eisler, he is an Austrian inventor. He invented it when he was working on Radio in 1936. But they were not so popular until 1950s.

After 1950s they started getting popular internationally among all the industries especially electrical industry 100% rely on PCB manufacturer for hobbyist. So this was the main history and a small overview about PCB.

They has been so popular

Well!  PCBs are very ubiquitous board; if you get a closer look upon it then you can clearly see it. Yes PCBs are everywhere even the laptop, PC tablets all of these devices are useless without PCB. They have quickly made their positions strong and one of the quickly growing aspect of modern tech.

PCB manufacturer for hobbyist says that PCBs going to have a very bright future, few experts says that no other technology has capability to replace them.

Their Designing are done by CAD

If you are a newbie then we are damn sure that you must not have an idea that PCBs are designed with the help of CAD or computer aided designs. Prototype PCB manufacturer usually make use of CAD in order to design the schematic and layout of PCB.

This part is very necessary before heading towards the physical process, this tool will help you in inspecting the errors and you can also verify whether the traces are connected properly or not. If you find any malfunction then you can fix it and then can navigate towards the physical part.

Surface Mount Tech

You will not believe but this one is the most popular and the common manufacturing technique used to produce PCBs.

It has replaced the through hole method because of it’s amazing advantages. Through hole process is very slow and always comes up with lot of malfunctions this is why now Prototype PCB manufacturer gives first preference to surface mount tech.This method is one of the quickly growing method and widely used method after 1980s.

When it comes to Through holes Prototype PCB manufacturer has to attached the components to the board by putting leads into the hole but in the case of surface mount tech process is completely different, SMT sees them glued onto the pads on PCB.Because of this tech, manufacturing PCBs has been very easier, quick and time savvy.

Traces not Wires

As we all knows very well that in the past energy were transmit from one component to another component by making use of wires but now in this advance era PCB has completely change this conventional method. These days PCB makes use of electronic traces in order to transport electrons.

Because of traces PCBs are very compact and smaller in sizes, now Prototype PCB manufacturer don’t have to be in a messy wires.

few people thinks that it is not possible to make them by making use of through hole technology but they are mistaken because it is very easy to transfer the copper via hole in the circuit board.

Amazing Components

If you explore the PCB deeply then you will get to see lot of components and every component will have their own properties. Here we are going to give the main list of components resistors, potentiometers, capacitors, inductors, relays, batteries, fuses, transformers, diodes and transistors. These are the commonly available components and the important one.

Silk Screen

If you explore the PCB then you will get to see the white etching on the top of green solder mask. This white itching is actually a silk screen it actually plays an important role in identifying the component and information about PCB. it also help PCB manufacturer USA in finding the right component.

you will get to see white text in the form of silk screen print but these days because of modern technology now PCB manufacturer USA make use of digital printing by ink jet printers.

They can be personalized

Best PCB manufacturer like King PCB can customized PCB completely according to your choice. You can let them know your desired specification to them and they will come up with those specifications in affordable prices.

If you order custom PCB from other companies then the prices will be very high but if you try King PCB then the prices will be lower because they have amazing tool that can make manufacturing cost lower.

Change in the Tech

As we have already explained that PCB has been completely advanced and more popular since the days of Paul Eisler in 1936.

These days PCBs are compact and amazing in sizes. Soon you will get to see bio gradable PCBs also because they are evolving with each passing day. PCBs are not static at all; they will be developing more and more with each passing day.


With each passing day Best PCB manufacturer are producing smaller PCBs. With through hole Technology PCBs were small but with the invention of surface mount tech PCBs are up to one tenth of the size of through hole circuits.

They followed Ohms Law

Best PCB manufacturer King PCB implements Ohms law in order to design and build world’s best PCBs.Ohms law main definition is thatit statesrelationship between current, resistance and voltage. 

In simple words, Current is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance. So if you are newbie electrical engineer then you must have to follow these rules strictly.

What are PCBs made of?

PCB comes into being by making use of variety of materials. Material selection actually depends upon the requirement of device.

Best PCB manufacturer usually select the material that rely on the electrical performance, material will vary from device to device like high speed applications.

Here we are going to put shed over the most popular material used by PCBs.

FR4 Epoxy

FR4 is the popular and the most common PCB substrate in the world. Custom PCB manufacturer prefers it the most because of amazing thermal, electrical and mechanical properties.

It is a good option because it comes up with amazing strength to weight ratio this is the reason it is the perfect option among all material types.

FR4 made by glass cloth and epoxy resins, when it comes to price then this material comes up with the lowest cost. Custom PCB manufacturer make use of it in order to increase the PCB thermal and electrical performance. This material definitely should be your first preference because it is a highly versatile and can easily adapt all the manufacturing technics.


Our second preference is with the polyimide material. This material is different from Fr4 because it comes up with high temperature. Best part about this material is that it comes up with slightly improved electrical performance properties.

When it comes to prices then Polyimide are bit expensive because it has a capability to survive in the harsh temperature.

The reason to the selection of Polyimide is their stability during thermal cycling. You will not believe but it is true that they have less expansion characteristics this is the reason this material is appropriate with higher layer count construction.

Teflon Laminates

This one is also popular among Custom PCB manufacturer because of it offers high electrical properties. You can make it use for devices with high speed circuitry.

When it comes to prices then this material is very costly as compared to polyimide as well as FR4. You can coat Teflon on the glass fabric and can also be used with special fillers in order to improve mechanical properties. We recommend it highly but it is not for those Custom PCB manufacturers that have a tight budget.

Flexible laminates

These laminates are thin and popular because of having folding features. This material is built on plastic rather than glass fabric in order to provide support.

You can manufacturer this material from high temp material for example polyimide or very low material for example PEN.


There are few others materials also BT, cyanate ester, ceramics, and blended systems. This material plays an important role in getting electrical and mechanical properties.

But 90% Custom PCB manufacturers don’t make use of such materials because of higher cost as well as the difficulty in manufacturing. Yes these materials are very expensive even beyond your expectations. This is why PCB manufacturers try the other alternatives like FR4.

Selection of right kind of material is very necassry for getting perfect electrical, dielectric, mechanical and thermal properties for application.

Hybrid PCBs

Have you ever heard about hybrid PCBs? We are damn sure you never heard about it. There are many manufacturers that laminate material into hybrid system. First one is known as rigid FLEX PCBs. Definition of Rigid Flex PCB is that it is a combo of flexible circuits as well as rigid laminates into hybrid solution. Advantages of hybrid solution are that you can enjoy benefits of both flexible as well as conventional circuits.

You will get to see few sections that will be flexible even you can bent them into any shape, you can even flex those sections multiple times without effecting electrical continuity.

There will be other sections also that will be rigid and provide you high routing electrical density. We recommend rigid flex method highly because we found it very flexible and one of the ideal package method for todays.

Top PCB Manufacturers in China

If you research then you will get to know that china has become one of the biggest manufacturing countries for PCBs.

Not only has that even global PCB production capacity been completely shifted towards China. You will find thousands of PCB industries in China because they are developing so much as compared to other countries.

For ordering PCB you don’t have to visit China, simply visit their online platforms and order your desired PCBs conveniently. But if you don’t know about the top manufacturers then don’t waste your time and effort in finding the good one for you. We have done this effort for you simply continue to read the below article and go through the China best PCB manufacturers.

Our team has personally tried them and we have chosen them on behalf of their performance, quality and prices. Go through the list and choose the one that you feel will perfectly get fit into your needs.

Best Pick Value – King PCB

Our very first preference is just with King PCB, this company has years of experience in manufacturing all types of PCBs. Their team is specialized in R & D technology and their each product passes by strict verification process, after satisfaction their team sent the product for final achievements.

In the start this company has very few employees but now they have almost 700 employees that are punctual, well focused and have deep knowledge. They have been awarded with multiple international awards for producing world’s best PCBs.

Best thing about this company is that they took great care of their customer needs and customer feedback really means to them. If you explore reviews about this company then you will get to know that they are very popular and has almost 90% positive reviews.

This company has multiple PRODUCTION lines so you can easily order small, medium as well as larger batches. They always complete the order in given deadline and within 3 to 4 days product will be at your door step.

Besides fastest delivery their prices are extremely reasonable every newbie or commoner can afford their products.

With amazing prices they don’t compromise on quality at all so go and order you PCB at your earliest convenience and avail their discount prices.

They also give amazing customer support for making prices favorable. Their team is 24/7 available to respond your every query. If you are interested then make a call at: +86-755 2734 9019 you can also Email at Sales@kingpcb.com.


This company comes into being in 2003. It has gotten so much repute from worldwide. This company offers all types of PCB from single to multi-layer.

Their main factory is located Shenzhen Hemei Industrial Zone. They have another small factory also that is present in Huizhou Xinyi. This small factory is responsible for providing small sized batches. They have capability to ship almost 1500 products on daily basis.

We would love to rate them 10 out of 10 because of their performance, quality and price. This company became popular very quickly because they are first one in China that brings ERP system for taking orders online.

We recommend this company highly because they are trustable and even customer can track their order, from delivery timing to product process you can track everything related to your product.

You can make payments via PayPal, credit card or even via bank transfer. Not only that they ship products via DHL service also just to make sure that customer are receiving orders within short span of time.

This PCB factory contains advance equipment that makes the manufacturing process faster and convenient.


This company is famous because of relying on core competitiveness of “on-time delivery capability”.

We would love to rate them 9 out of 10 for their quality, performance and price. If your brand is growing very quickly and you are looking for quick manufacturer then your first preference should be PCB Way.

You will not imagine but yes the normal delivery level for single or double layer can be 1 2 days. Is not it’s amazing? No company will ever come up with such fastest delivery.

If you are going for standard order then there may be possibility that it would takes almost 3 to 4 days. Their prices are also good and always come up with cost effective small volume PCB solution.


This company comes into being in 2005; this company grows quickly and now has made its position very stronger. Now they are making PCBs for more than 10,000 companies. Their services are not only limited to China they give services to almost 80 countries around the world.

Their main products include standard PCB, PCB prototype, aluminum PCB, LED PCB. You can trust this company because they truly care about their customer’s needs. We would love to rate them 8 out of 10 for their price, quality and performance.

Stariver Circuit

They are also one of the famous PCB China manufacturers. Their main headquarter exists in Shenzen. They are trustable because their engineers are highly specialized and their plant has a capability to produce almost different types of PCBs.

But this company has one down side they only work with small volume PCBs for larger volume you can rely on King PCB.

We would love to rate them 8 out of 10 for their price, quality and performance. They have another branch in Fujian also that focuses on manufacturing MEDIUM size PCBs.

Best thing about this PCB china manufacturer is thatthey have multiple production lines. Their team has a huge experience in R & D and also has amazing experience in high profiles special plates. You can try their products without hesitation.


Ray PCB is another PCB china manufacturer. They offer all PCB requirements from custom prototype to mass production you can avail all the services. This company main focus is on 2 or 4 layers PCB so if you are looking for such services then you must try your hands over this.

They have almost ten years of experience in PCB industry; they are amazing and highly recommended because they produce PCBs by following LH and ROHS standards.

RayPCB have special department where their each product go for testing by AOI optical scanning and flying probe testing. But they have one downside; their prices are bit high so if you want to make an order from this company then first makes your pocket budget friendly.


If you are looking for ultra-fast PCB china manufacturers then ALL PCB should be your first choice.They have highly experienced engineers that produce communication devices, consumer electronics, controllers and apparatus. Best thing about this company is that they provide customer support also in order to make the prices reasonable. So what else you need more?

Our teams have personally tried them their main motto is to provide quality PCBs with reasonable prices so yeah you guys can trust them. We would love to rate them 8 out of 10 for their quality.

So these are the good PCB manufacturer that you can rely on. Don’t put your effort and time in finding the good PCB manufacturer for yourself simply tries them and we are damn sure you will never regret trying out their services. Now we are going to put shed over the different parts of PCB that you may have not known before.

Different Parts of PCB


The very first part of PCB is PAD, it is nothing but a piece of copper. PAD is actually used to mount the components. PCB manufacturer makes use of PAD in order to done a soldering.


 After PAD the second thing that you have to keep is Trace. If you explore the conventional method then you will get to know that those methods make use of wires in order to connect components but in PCB the case is completely opposite. Here you are completely free from messy wires.

In PCB you connect all components by making use of copper. This copper part used to connect parts actually known as a trace. In simple words you make use of traces for connecting components.


After tracing, 3rd important thing to consider is layering. You can do selection of layer on behalf of cost, and space of circuit. The very first layer is single layer, it is a simpler one because it is simple to construct, easy to design, and comes up with lot of benefits. But you cannot make use of single layer for larger products and appliances. If you feel that your device will be going to bear heavier loads then only prefer double or multi layers. These both are essential for complex or larger projects.

In this modern era, it has been easiest to utilize almost 10 to 12 layers for the things that you feel going to be very critical so choose the layer according to the needs of your products.

Silk Layer

Here after layering the next thing comes is silk layer. This layer plays an important role in printing. You can make use of this layer in order to print any text or information. In simpler words, this layer is used to label test or details for using PCB in a better way.

PCB manufacturer usually make use of epoxy ink for screen printing. Make use of silk layer on the top and bottom of the layer of PCB, you can ask the user also in order to fulfill their requirements.

Top and bottom layer

Well, components are mounted on the top layer of PCB. The most commonly used color for this layering is green because PCB manufacturers found this color safe and easy to identify faults.

When it comes to bottom layer then all the components soldered through the hole. Not only that, lead of components known as bottom layer of PCB.

Usually few manufacturers color these layers with green and then this color known as solder mask.

Solder mask

This one is the last layer and exists on the top of copper layer. This layer commonly known as a solder mask you can make use of any color for this layering but commonly used color is green.

PCB manufacturer make use of this layer just to prevent the contacts of pads with other conductive components on PCB. So in order to prevent accidental damage manufacturer make sure to coat the green color on to the copper layer.

If you are a newbie and working on a PCB project then you must follow this guide in order to come up with amazing results. If you forgot one layer then there might be a possibility of not perfect PCB.

Amazing Software for Newbies

If you are a newbie and going to make your very first PCB project then try the Eagle software. This is one of the most popular and commonly used tools to design PCB. The full form of EAGLE is Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor developed by CadSoft and Auto Desk.

You can make use of schematic editor for designing circuit. You can see the eagle file extension as a .SCH and other components are referred as a .DBR.  So do try this tool and make your project easier and error free. If you make use of it then there will be 90% chances of successful PCB project, not only that it is very easy to use even a newbie can understand it and can utilize its features with little training. You did not have to be fully trained in order to operate it; its layout is super user friendly. So do try and share with us that how find this this software for your PCB designing.


The short conclusion of this Article is that we have shared almost everything about PCB. This Article is a full package because you if you are here then there will be no need to visit any other websites we have summed up everything in this Article. In short this is a one stop service for all of you.

You will find a basic intro about PCB and then you can read about types of PCB. This guide going to be perfect who is a newbie into the PCB industry? We have also explained the commonly used material by PCB. Not only that we have revealed the name of the top PCB manufacturer in China. We have ended up this Article by explaining the parts of PCB. Hope you like this Article, Do share if you like, and stay tuned with us for more informative Articles.