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How to Choose the Right PCB Supplier and Get a Competitive Quote?



PCBs have a wide range of applications as the bridge and heart of connecting electronic components. To ensure that your PCB needs are fully met, KingPCB acts as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), providing a full range of services for your PCB needs, from prototype to high volume PCB manufacturing and assembly.

In order to choose the right PCB supplier for your application, you should conduct a thorough PCB quote comparison, which will help you to get the right PCB at the right price and with high quality.

Before getting a PCB quote, you should consider the following questions

– Does the manufacturer accept small orders for production

– What certifications the manufacturer has

– Delivery capability

– Manufacturing quality

– Is the quote competitive

– Can complex PCBs be manufactured

– Is the manufacturer responsive

Does the manufacturer accept small orders for production

You should pay attention to the minimum order quantity of the manufacturer you want to choose. Ideally, the manufacturer prefers to manufacture orders in bulk. Of course, for different manufacturers, some of the orders you think is a large order for the manufacturer is only a small order.

As for the different quantities of PCB manufacturing, the PCB manufacturing cost is also different. So please pay attention to the price provided in the minimum order quantity in the PCB manufacturing quotation.

What certifications the manufacturer has

For the purpose of producing high quality compliant PCBs according to industry standards, PCB manufacturers will go for relevant certifications according to the industry they serve. When getting a quote from a PCB manufacturer, you can ask if they have certain certifications. These certifications will also ensure that the products produced will not cause harm and damage to users.


PCB quotation is not only looking for the best price, but also looking for a full range of services. And the ability to deliver is an important test of a good PCB manufacturer. Your PCB manufacturer should have the ability to provide fast and timely delivery.

Manufacturing Quality

If the PCBs you order do not meet the standards, then your equipment will not meet the expectations of your customers. Quality control and quality assurance in PCB design and PCB prototyping help to keep the defect rate low. Even smiling mistakes can lead to huge losses, and this must be avoided as much as possible.

Is the offer competitive

There is no doubt that the most important thing in the quotation is the price. PCB manufacturing cost will affect your overall project cost, competitiveness and profit. However, the price of the PCB is usually influenced by three main factors.

-PCB design complexity

-PCB quality

-PCB volume

You can always find a cheaper quote, but in the long run, the cost will be higher. Regardless, you still have to choose the right and cost-effective PCB manufacturer for you.

Can manufacture complex PCBs?

Printed circuit boards from design to production, assembly and delivery require a huge amount of work. Of course, the more complex PCBs required workload and expertise required will be higher. Not all manufacturers can handle complex PCB projects, KingPCB has more than 10 years of PCB manufacturing and assembly experience, professional team and fast response to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Whether the manufacturer responds quickly

Make ensure that your PCB project goes smoothly, please try to provide relevant details to the PCB manufacturer. Generally: PCB design files and BOM List

With any of your PCB project, a supplier with rich experience and expertise is very important, KingPCB as a leading OEM manufacturer in China,  provide quality products and professional services at the most competitive prices.

To learn more about KingPCB’s PCB manufacturing and assembly capabilities, contact us today to send your valuable inquiries!