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Why Choose A Heavy Copper PCB?




As the global market develops, the use of heavy copper in PCBs has become a growing trend in order to meet the use in different application scenarios. Electronics PCB manufacturers are equally concerned with reliable, high quality, cost effective electronic solutions.

This article describes the characteristics of the use of thick copper processes in printed circuit boards.

What is a thick copper PCB?

Heavy copper PCBs, also known as high current PCBs, contain three ounces or more of copper in the external and internal layers of their circuit boards. Heavy copper PCBs can withstand higher temperatures for longer periods of time, carry currents in excess of hundreds or thousands of amperes and provide stronger connections.

It have been proven to provide the benefits of high heat dissipation, fast, high frequency and high-performance output. Printed circuit boards made with heavy copper consist of a copper plating and copper etching process that eliminates unwanted copper and a copper plating process that optimizes the copper thickness of traces, pads, planes and holes on the board.

What are the advantages of using thick copper PCBs?

  1. High current-carrying capacity. Whereas a standard circuit board may only support double-digit amperage, a thick copper PCB can carry hundreds or thousands of amperes.
  2. High temperature resistance, good heat dissipation and the ability to use special materials in thick copper pcb layouts without circuit failure
  3. Suitable for compact electronic solutions
  4. High durability due to the use of thick copper substrates
  5. High reliability of electronic performance through the use of heavy copper PCB layouts or polar copper PCBs
  6. Smaller footprint and reduced number of layers on the board possible
  7. Increased mechanical strength in plated through-hole and connector locations
  8. Cost effective production, copper is slightly more expensive as a material but the overall production costs of heavy copper PCBs are reduced. Thick copper PCBs can be used instead of copper cables, making them more cost effective.

What are the applications for thick copper PCBs?

Thick copper PCBs have a wealth of application scenarios, for example in the computer, automotive industry, military, industrial control, mechanical fields, etc.: 1.

  1. power control boards
  2. control converters
  3. Soldering equipment
  4. Solar panels

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