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High TG PCB Manufacturing Features and Applications


As we know that, electronic products often work for long periods of time. The heat generated during operation will transfer to other components, ultimately affecting the durability and performance of the product. For some electronic products in applications that are multi-functional but limited by size and weight, high TG PCBs would be a cost-effective way to improve thermal management efficiency.

What is a high TG PCB?

High TG PCBs are boards with a high glass transition temperature. The “TG” is the temperature point at which the material begins to change from a solid to a rubbery state. Generally speaking, high TG is a temperature greater than or equal to 170°C PCB can be called high TG PCB. Medium TG PCB temperature range of 150-160°C. While standard PCBs are usually used for materials with a TG of 140°C. Hence, standard PCBs may not be suitable for industrial, automotive, and other high-temperature electronic applications.

As high TG PCBs have a high resistance to temperature, pressure, moisture, and harmful chemicals. They can provide additional electrical and mechanical support for devices. In a word, it’s not for nothing that the demand for high TG PCB manufacturing is growing and becoming more widely used.

A commonly used material for PCB manufacturing is FR4 PCB, which is a flame-retardant glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin material. It could come in single-layer PCBs, double-layer PCBs and multi-layer PCBs by copper trace layers.

When do I need to use high TG PCBs?

High temperature PCBs is necessary in the following cases:

– The product needs to operate at 130 degrees Celsius or higher

RoHS circuit boards that require lead-free solder at high temperatures

Characteristics of High TG PCBs

Some of the characteristics of High TG PCBs include:

– High temperature resistance

– Voltage resistance

– Improved mechanical and electrical properties

– Low coefficient of thermal expansion

– High stability

– Suitable for multilayer PCBs

– Suitable for high power density designs

Applications for high TG PCB manufacturing

– Industrial: drilling machines, power inverters, solar equipment, etc.

– Automotive industry: radar systems, control systems, navigation equipment, audio equipment, etc.

– Telecom industry: Wi-Fi products, wireless modules, antennas, modems, etc.

– Security system: monitor

– Medical devices: imagers, portable wearable devices, etc.

– Aviation appliances


High TG PCBs are widely used in various industries and choosing the right PCB manufacturer for your PCB project is a very important thing.

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