China Wholesale 256G SSD Consumer PCB Assembly Suppliers

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China Wholesale 256G SSD Consumer PCB Assembly Suppliers

    Min. Order Quantity: NO
    Supply Ability: 30~50 thousand ㎡/Month
    Service: EMS/OEM/ODM
    Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal, WU, etc.
    Port: Shenzhen

With more than 10 years of PCB manufacturing experience, KingSong provides high-reliability products and provides our customers with high-value, high-quality, and guaranteed quality production services.

China Wholesale 256G SSD Consumer PCB Assembly Suppliers
Brand Name KingSong/Customized
Layer 4
Base Material FR-4
Copper Thickness 1oz
Board Thickness 1.6mm
Solder mask color Blue (can customized)
Component labeling color White (can customized)
Surface Finishing ENIG
Service type Full assembled services
Application Consumer products
Test E-test, AOI, X-ray, Function test
Assembly Tech DIP and Wave Soldering, SMT and Reflow Soldering
Single and double sided SMT/PTH Yes
Large parts on both sides, BGA on both sides Yes
Smallest Chips size 0201
Min BGA and Micro BGA pitch and ball counts 0.008 in. (0.2mm) pitch, ball count greater than 1000
Min Leaded parts pitch 0.008 in. (0.2 mm)
Max Parts size assembly by machine 2.2 in. x 2.2 in. x 0.6 in.
Assembly surface mount connectors Yes
Odd form parts:
Resistor and capacitor networks
Electrolytic capacitors
Variable resistors and capacitors (pots)
Yes,Assembly by hands
Wave soldering Yes
Max PCB size 14.5 in. x 19.5 in.
Min PCB Thickness 0.02 in.
Fiducial Marks Preferred but not required
PCB Finish SMOBC/HASL, Electrolytic gold, Electroless gold, Electroless silver, Immersion gold, Immersion tin, OSP
PCB Shape Any
Panelized PCB Tab routed, Breakaway tabs, V-Scored, Routed + V-scored
Inspection AOI, X-ray analysis, Microscope to 20X, Function test
Rework BGA removal and replacement station
SMT IR rework station
Thru-hole rework station

Delivery time:

PCB Assembly Prototype (Sample): 7-10 working days,
Mass PCB Assembly Production: 15-20 working days.


The inner vacuum packing or anti-static bag, Outer standard carton box packing.


1. By DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.
2. By sea for mass quantity according to the customer’s requirement.

If you need a quotation for your PCB projects, please provide the following info:

1. Quote, quantity.
2. Gerber file in a 274-x format, and Bom List.
3. Manufacturing requirements or parameters (material, layer, copper thickness, board thickness, surface finishing, solder mask/silkscreen color…).

Consumer electronics products have different connotations in different developing countries and have different connotations at different stages of development in the same country. China’s consumer electronics products refer to audio and video products for personal and home broadcast television. Mainly include TV, DVD player (VCD, SVCD, DVD), VCR, VCR, radio, radio, stereo, phonograph, CD player, etc. In some developed countries, mobile phones, personal computers, home office equipment, household appliances, and automotive electronics are also in consumer electronics.

KingSong specializes in the production of consumer PCB assembly, we do not sell finished consumer goods, but we strongly support the consumer electronics industry, including the production and sales of consumer PCBs, consumer PCBA complete product processing, sales and so on. We can provide you with a variety of consumer printed circuit boards to meet all your consumer electronics applications.

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