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Polyimide PCB Characteristics and Applications


When we talk about printed circuit boards, there are many choices of PCB materials involved here, and what material is chosen depends on the environment in which it is applied. commonly used materials for PCBs are:



Glass fiber cloth

Metal substrates

Polyimide, etc.

In this article, we will mainly introduce the main features of polyimide as a material and its application in PCB manufacturing.

What is polyimide?

Polyimide, PI, is a high-performance polymer with imide repeating units. As a special engineering material, polyimide has been widely used today in the fields of aviation, aerospace, microelectronics, nano, liquid crystal, separation film, laser, etc.

They can be classified into the following three types based on their chemical structures.



Aromatic polyimide

According to the thermal properties can be divided into


Thermosetting polyimide

Characteristics of polyimide PCB

Polyimide, a substance that exists naturally and can also be synthesized artificially, has the advantages of wide application temperature, chemical resistance, and high strength. These advantages make the application of PCB become more extensive and outstanding.

  1. Durability

The high resistance physical properties of polyimide enable it to maintain its shape even in harsh environments.

  1. Thermal Stability

Polyimide can withstand a wide range of temperatures up to 260°C

  1. Flexibility

The flexural strength of graphite or glass fiber reinforced polyimide can reach 345 MPa, and the flexural modulus reaches 20 GPa.

  1. Chemical resistance

The chemical properties of polyimide are stable. Polyimide does not need to add flame retardant to stop burning. Polyimide also has some chemical resistance, suitable for some applications where it is exposed to certain chemicals.

Applications of polyimide PCBs

Polyimide PCBs have a wealth of features that make them widely used in a variety of PCB industrial solutions: 1.

  1. Industrial equipment. Motor controllers, power inverters, etc.
  2. Automotive industry. Engine systems, brake systems, vehicle control systems, etc.
  3. Medical industry. Magnetic resonance imaging equipment, ultrasound equipment, etc.
  4. Military applications. Power distribution systems, defense navigation systems, flight instrumentation systems, microwave processing systems, etc.
  5. Telecommunications equipment. Signal towers, telephone switching systems, consumer electronics, etc.


The properties of polyimide PCB itself is a very good choice of PCB, polyimide PCB has good flexibility, thermal conductivity, quality and reliability. It is important to choose the right PCB manufacturer who can provide customized PCBs to meet your needs. KingPCB is committed to high quality, fast delivery, and competitive price PCB manufacturing services and has over 10 years of experience in this area.

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